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Google has revealed the top two elements that can make your website rank and boost traffic: Content and inbound links. Content marketing brings these two elements together through smart and intuitive content generation and copywriting to help you rank and convert like never before. Therefore, all businesses need to consider content marketing services to reach their audience and improve the bottom line.

Here is what content marketing entails:

  • Content Keywords Research
  • Engaging Content to Convert Leads
  • 100% Plagiarism-Free Copies
  • Client-Centric Content to Gain Credibility
  • SEO Copywriting for Google Ranking
  • Brand Reinforcement through Content Generation

Content Generation vs. Copywriting Services

Content generation involves writing specialized material that persuades a customer to convert or prefer one brand over another. Content writers write articles, blog posts, and even eBooks. All content is optimized for search engines and delivers user-friendly information, encouraging customers to take the required action.

On the other hand, copywriting relates to material that is used for promotional purposes. It includes creating content for websites, press releases, brochures, catalogs, taglines, white papers, social media posts, advertisements, or any other marketing communication.

Create a Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy with Exponential Marketing Experts

A great content marketing strategy requires both content writing and copywriting services. At Exponential Marketing, we create effective marketing strategies, keeping your business goals in mind. Here are some key factors that make sure your content converts.

  • Search Engine Algorithm:Google’s algorithm has changed to place a greater emphasis on semantic terms. So when we conduct keyword research, we look for more than specific keywords. Instead, we identify flow, concepts, and themes to address the core problems of the audience. 
  • Content Audit: The first step is to analyze the current content and perform some spring cleaning. Content audits can reveal ways to improve existing content. Simple tricks, like increasing word count, optimizing schema, and adding multimedia like a video or a micrographic, can get your pages to number one in the SERPs. 
  • Content Structure:We connect sales pages with inbound and outbound links from third-party sites to create a wonderful internal linking structure. We don’t want to be too forceful with our content marketing. The real goal is to earn the customer’s confidence and give off a compassionate vibe.

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